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Why Hard Money Loans? Por qué Hard Money Loans?

Why Hard Money Loans? Did you know that Hard Money Loans are the most requested program for experienced investor? If you are a Real Estate investor or just want to start the Investor adventure in Real Estate this post is for you, you should learn more about Hard Money Loans

Pro’s Hard Money Loans

  1. Only needs 2 months of Bank Statements for pre-qualification.
  2. No Income Verification.
  3. The min credit score is 600, if you have a good Real Estate investment history this minimum doesn’t apply.
  4. Easy application process.
  5. Usually require less documentation than government loans.
  6. And finally, we can close in just 7-14 days.

Con’s Hard Money Loans

  1. Terms are 1-2 years.
  2. Highest Interest rate, around 9-10%.
  3. Only for experienced investors.


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