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Buying a home is always one of the most important decisions for any individual or family, especially in the United States, my clients call it: “the American dream”.

Is buying a house in Florida worth it?

Buying a house in Florida is always a good investment because there is always demand for homes in the Sunshine State. People choose to move and retire to Florida because of: No state income tax. Low cost of living.

Is it a good time to buy a second home in Florida?

If you are financing, you’ll want to consider mortgage rates, how much of a down payment you can afford, and whether or not you are comfortable taking on a new mortgage. Luckily, we are still near historically low interest rates. These continue to inch up over time, though, so it is currently a great time to buy.

Having your own home has many benefits, here I list, according to my criteria, the 5 main reasons to buy our own house:

1-Security: Buying your own home will give you a sense of accomplishment by feeling that you have reached one of your most desired personal and financial goals, and that will contribute to a better quality of life for you and your entire family. Knowing that you have a roof over your head and a place that belongs to you gives you a sense of security and protection.


2-Stability: When you buy your own home, you don’t have to move year after year, either because it didn’t fit in the rented space or because the owner needs the space. When the home is yours, your stability and that of your family improves 100%, and it also saves you money and time.


3-Investment: In the long term, real estate remains a safe investment and appreciates year after year. Each payment you make accumulates capital (equity). You can also download from your Personal Taxes the expenses for Real Estate Taxes, Insurance, Association, Unique Repairs such as roof, etc


4-Your own space: When the house belongs to you, you can remodel it and adapt it to your tastes and needs, you can plan for the future and build the house of your dreams step by step, it will be a great motivation for you to arrive at a place that meets all your expectations.


5-Independence: You can make your own decisions and eliminate inconvenience with landlords. Many of them tend to inspect the homes they rent, sometimes creating uncomfortable situations for residents. Being the owner also means that you can paint the interior walls the color you like, that you can have pets and even change the carpets and put that hardwood floor that you love so much.


If you are thinking of buying or refinancing a property in Miami, Florida, send me a message in the box below or click here, and I will be ready to provide you with a totally free Financial Advice.

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