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Pre-Approval Letter Just in Minutes
Get your Pre-Approval Letter Just in Minutes!

The Pre-Qualification is the initial step in the process of Buying or Refinancing a property. We’re going to have a conversation about your income, credit, available cash. The result of this meeting will be the Pre-Approval Letter with the maximum loan amount that Lender would lend you.

Pre-Qualification Documents
  1. Driver’s License,
  2. Social Security Card,
  3. Last 2 years of Taxes (all schedules, all pages, 1040, 1120, W2s, 1099, etc.),
  4. Most recently 30 days paystubs,
  5. Last 2 months bank statements.

What is the next step after Pre-Approval?

After obtaining the Pre-Approval Letter, the next step is to search for the dream property that you wish to purchase. Or in the case of a Refinancing Loan, the next step is to start the mortgage loan application.

Can the Loan be Denied after Pre-Approved?

Yes, the loan can be denied if the buyer does not meet the loan requirements at the time the loan is processed. For example, if your credit report changes, or work activities stopped for some reason, etc.

Does Pre-Approval Hurt Credit Score?

No, he does not do it. Inquiries on your credit from searching for Pre-Approval mortgage offers will not cancel your Credit Score unless you comply and apply for credit. The pre-approval letter is valid for 120 days prior to closing.

How long does the Pre-Approval process usually take?

It can be the same day, generally if you send the Mortgage Loan Officer all the requested documents, it can be done in less than an hour.

How can I increase my Pre-Approval?

To increase the loan amount of your pre-approval letter, the first thing you need is to reduce the monthly payment paying off all debts. Other option is adding a co-signer.

If you are thinking of Buying or Refinancing a property in Miami, Florida, you can call me or click here, and I will be ready to provide you with Financial Advice totally free.

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Get Pre-Approved by Yourself!

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