Jose Diaz - Loan Officer
NO Income Verification Loans for Investors

Have you had any property in the last 3 years? If so, you are eligible to finance investment properties with NO Income Verification Loans for Investors.

The requirements to be Pre-Approved are the following:

  • have experience in Real Estate (at least own your main residence),
  • 20% down payment,
  • 650 minimum credit score.

If you think that you meet those 3 requirements then you are ready to buy your next investment property.

If you are not ready yet, but you want to prepare yourself for the near-long term, I can offer you a mortgage financial advice 100% free and without any commitment. You can contact me by sending me a message in the box below or by clicking the WhatsApp button in the top menu. For more info about NO income Verification for Primary Residence read this post.

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Get Pre-Approved by Yourself

Get Pre-Approved by Yourself!

Are you looking to get pre-approved by yourself? Here you are in the correct place, your Home Loans in just 1-Click. Please follow the instructions

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