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Loan Closed in just 14 Days

Do you want to know How to Close a Loan in just 14 Days? If you are a Real Estate Agent looking for a Mortgage Lender fast and quickly in the loan process, this is what you need to know from the beginning until the loan closing date.

The normal loan processing timeline is about 30 days; To achieve the closing in only 14 days all the team: Loan Officer, Buyers, Real Estate Agent, Title Company, Insurance Agent, and the lender team as the Loan Processor, Underwriter and Closer, must work simultaneously and accurately to archive the 14 days closing date goal. See below the different stages:

  1. Loan Application.
  2. Homeowner Insurances (Hazard, Flood, Earthquake, etc.).
  3. Loan Commitment.
  4. Closing Disclosures (CD).
  5. Appraisal Report.
  6. Title Report.
  7. HOA Application (request Condo Full/Limited Questionnaires).
  8. Clear to Close (CTC).
  9. Close and Fund.


I will describe each stage mentioned above, and also I will give you my tips, advice, and recommendations.

  • Day 0: As soon as we received the Executed Contract then we are ready to send the initial disclosures and start the Loan Application, this quick task can be made in less than one hour. For government loans as FHA, VA, or Conventional, I strongly recommend locking the interest rate at Day 0, to have the revised Loan Estimated as soon as the next day. Me, as your Loan Officer on your transactions, I should submit the full documentation accurately to the Loan Processor to start the loan processing. The Appraisal Inspection and Title Docs will be requested after the Loan Processor revision. Also, buyers are ready to apply to the association in case they are buying a Condo, or a property located in a community with HOA approval required. In the meantime, the Homeowner Insurances can be requested after your Home Inspection is done and you received the inspections reports.
  • Day 1: After Underwriter review, we can have the Loan Commitment, this can happen as quickly as the first loan day. My Tip to Realtors and Loan Officer is to send the full documentation of the loan, to get response from underwriter quickly, and to work in all conditions as soon as you get the conditional approval letter.
  • Day 2: Request the initial Lender CD (Closing Disclosures) to meet the compliance with TILA/RESPA and be ready to close after Day 5-14.
  • Day 3: Appraisal Report should be available in a rush order.
  • Day 7: Title Report should be ready. We strongly recommend a responsive Title Company in a 14-day transaction, this is key to archive the goal. HOA application should be ready.
  • Day 8: Resubmit the loan to CTC (Clear to Close) and start preparing the closing verification documents requested for funding.
  • Day 9-14: Loan is ready to Close and Fund.


If you’re really interested in getting results and meeting your Buyer’s expectations, just give me a call or send me a message thru my Contact Page and I’ll be ready to assist you. If you put your 100%, I will give my 200% to make each closing a success!

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