Are you a Real Estate Agent in Florida?

Real Estate Agents in Florida

Are you a Real Estate Agent in Florida? In the Real Estate business, each Realtor needs a trusted mortgage lender to help them close their clients’ contracts and vice versa, because a lender cannot do all the work that a Realtor does. Do you need a professional Loan Officer to help you pre-qualify your clients? […]

Best Mortgage Loan Advisor in Miami

Jose Diaz Best Mortgage Loan Advisor in Florida

The Mortgage Loan Advisor is a professional with knowledge in the financial and legal area. He specializes in mortgage loan negotiation and information, applying an exhaustive analysis of the real estate market. The objective is to give the client the mortgage loan that best suits them according to their needs. Duties of a Professional Mortgage […]

Get Pre-Approved Today!

Get Approved Today

The Pre-Approval is the initial step in the process of buying or refinancing a property. We’re going to have a talk about your income, credit, available cash. The result of this meeting will be the Pre-Approval Letter with the maximum loan amount that the bank would lend you. Do you need a Pre-Approval Letter? The documents […]

Learn how to buy your own house

Aprende Cómo Comprar tu Propia Casa

There are certain steps that you must take into account when you are going to buy a house for the first time, please see below the mortgage loan process steps: Step 1: Get your Pre-Approval Letter Know how much the Bank will approve you, talk to your Loan Officer to obtain your Pre-Approval Letter. Step […]

Mortgage Loan Programs in Florida

¿Are you looking for more info about Home Mortgage Loan Programs? On this post we will break down all home mortgage loan programs available in United States. A few days ago I received a call from a First Time Home Buyer client interested in information on home loans here in Miami, Florida. From this call […]

What do I need to get a mortgage loan?

¿Cómo obtener un préstamo hipotecario?

Having your own home is a dream that with effort and organization you can fulfill. If you do not have all the necessary resources to buy it in cash, a mortgage loan will allow you to do so. You probably already know that a mortgage is a type of loan that you use to buy […]