Jose Diaz - Loan Officer
Real Estate Agents in Florida

Are you a Real Estate Agent in Florida?

In the Real Estate business, each Realtor needs a trusted mortgage lender to help them close their clients’ contracts and vice versa, because a lender cannot do all the work that a Realtor does.

Do you need a professional Loan Officer to help you pre-qualify your clients?

Nothing more effective than a Loan Officer who is one step ahead of the expectations of his clients and Realtors Partner and who knows how to work as a team.

What will teamwork be like?
  • I will explain to clients each step of the Loan process.
  • They will have a professional Loan Officer with years of experience.
  • Available every day to clarify questions and doubts of each client.
  • Quick closings, less than 21 days (hard money in 14 days).
  • We can schedule a meeting at my office 7 days per week, weekend as well.
  • Excellent communication.
  • Totally Free Financial Advice to each client.
  • Responsibility and seriousness in each process.


That’s right, working with me as a team will be an unforgettable experience.

The invitation is made, whether you are a new Realtor starting in the Real Estate business or a person with experience in the business, but you need a Loan Officer to help you streamline all the Loans of your clients.

If you’re really interested in getting results and meeting your clients’ expectations, just give me a call or send a message thru my Contact Page and I’ll be ready to serve you. You just have to put your 100% and I will give 200% to make each closing a success.

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