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Financing programs or loans without income verification for home or real estate buyers in Florida are designed for business owners or entrepreneurs who work on their own – self-employed – and whose annual tax reports do not represent the actual income .

In most cases, people who work on commission and are paid with a 1099 or people who can show that they have a business even though it is not registered by the Florida division of corporations.

Unlike Clients who are employed through W2, Self-Employed Workers should be aware of the following:

  1. The Bank will use the Net Income to qualify (not the Gross Income as many believe).
  2. The higher Net Income, the higher Loan Amount you will qualify.
  3. Maintain the same deposit levels in Business accounts for at least 3 months before purchasing.
  4. Not changing the type of business, not closing your current Corporation, seniority and experience in the type of business is very positive in the qualification.
  5. Do not open new lines of credit, try to pay as many debts as possible.


Always talk to a Loan Officer, each case is always different.

If you are thinking of buying or refinancing a property in Miami, Florida, send me a message in the box below or click here, and I will be ready to provide you with a totally free Financial Advice.

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